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H.264 Encoder 3.0

Question asked by Tommy on Mar 29, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2011 by CraigG

Hi ADI Support,


I have a question to the H.264 Encoder lib from ADI. The documentation tells the following about the encoder parameter. I have a following setting:


BF561 Encoder Main/Baseline V.3.0. I am using a color sensor through PPI0 with that gives me a raw ADI_ENC_RAW422_PROG video color image of 352x288 with a constant frame rate of 25 fps.


I am using the ADICodecConfigInputParam to configure the parameters.


I would like to have now different scenarious. A Bitrate of 1 Mbps on 352x288, an Bitrate of 512 kbps on 352x288 and a Bitrate of 256 kbps. I have entered a frame rate of 25 fps


pParam->iBitrate = 1 000 000

pParam->iBitrate = 500 000

pParam->iBitrate = 256 000


Additionally I have entered


pParam->iFramerate to 25.


I have additionally enabled drop frame bit pParam->iDropFrame=1.


So I would expect that the encoder would drop frames when the bandwidth of e.g. 1 Mbps or 512 or 256 kbps is not sufficient. Acutally the encoder continues with 25 fps and when the bandwidth is set to 256 the image get disorted. I have also tried it with 15 fps put the encoder still produces 25 fps.


What I am doing wrong?


Any help is appreciated


Many thanks

Thomas Schuldes