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Total wipe resistance of AD5259

Question asked by moto on Jun 15, 2015
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Please let me know about  these fundamental questions of AD5259.


Datasheet says


RWA(D)={(256-D)/256}XRAB   + 2 X Rw      (2)

Total wipe resistance  Rwb is 75 ohm typ @ Code 0x00


What is the relation between  these specs and Zero scale Error?


2X Rw  = Rwb @code0x00   in ideal?


The typical of Zero scale error means Rwb ?

Figure 39 looks 2XRw.


INL means difference from (2) ? or only (256-D)/256 ?

Your guide (The essential guide say to the Data conversion) says (256-D)/256 is ideal curve, I think.


And the typ full scale error is minus value.

Does it mean RWA(256) < RAB ?

Figure 39 looks Rs remain.