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How to port AD6676 driver to Xilinx Linux?

Question asked by Dvorkin on Jun 15, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2015 by larsc

I am using ADC AD6676 with Xilinx ZC706 board and AD's Linux. It works fine.


But now I'd like to use ADC AD6676 with my own ZC706-based board. The OS will be Xilinx Linux with some my patches.


It seems that AD's Linux is based on Xilinx's Linux. But there are not AD6676 driver, cf_axi_adc driver, and too many diffirences in iio sources in Xilinx's Linux.


Is there any way to easy port AD's ADC drivers to Xilinx's Linux (patch)? Will it be some merge AD's specific soft to Xilinx Linux (synchronization)?