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DC to 100MHz sinewave generator

Question asked by WadeChien on Jun 15, 2015
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Hi supporters,


I am building a sinewave generator as a source of spectrum analyzer-like system, and a frequency span from dc (not really go down to dc, but couple of hundred hertz maybe, frequency sweep starts 1kHz, sometimes go down for signal quality check) to 100MHz is required, and a extremely flatness within the entire frequency range is needed, so I think AD9910 and AD9852 with sin(x)/x correction function will be better choices, which one will you recommend to use? A transformer or amplifier for DAC output configuration will be more suitable for my design if I have to convert the current outputs to a pair of differential signal with bipolar output level(+/-10V peak to peak) to the under-test system, btw I still need to fit the 7-order reconstruction filter in between. any suggest will be welcomed. Thank you.