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BTC in Auto Refresh Mode

Question asked by Findl on Mar 29, 2011
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I am using the ADSP-21369 with the EZ-KIT Evaluation Board.


For a simple audio application (audio in => filter => audio out) I am trying to use the BTC to view some audio data within Visual DSP++ while the application is running.


The installation of the BTC as well as defining some channels works properly since I am able to whatch the BTC memory in using the Auto Refresh Mode.


Now my problem: I want to visualize the data within the graphical plot tool. According to the Analog Devices Manual I am using additionally the function btc_plot_array to stream the data to some buffer where it should wait until Visual DSP++ is fetching it. When I try to set the Refresh Mode in the Grahical Plot Window to Auto Refresh after configuring the Auto Refresh Settings (Use BTC/Transfer an array of data) it refuses to do it and tells me every time: "BTC data count exceeds plot buffer size. Plot window auto-refresh will be disabled.". As mentioned before: Auto refreshing the BTC memory works properly.


The manuals as well as the online help mention this problem but there is no real help to it.