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Vref in AD9600

Question asked by Orlando on Jun 15, 2015
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Acording to AD9600 datasheet there are 2 ways to set Vref, and to a certain extend they are contradictory:

  1. In page 25 of 72. Vref is set depending on how you conenct SENSE pin.
  2. In page 42 of 72. There is a register 0x18 to set Reference Voltage Selection, with default value 0xC, that sets the "Reference Voltage Seletion" = 2.0Vpp


So for example what happends if you connect SENSE pin to Vref pin (according to page 23 the resulting Vref value would be 0.5 and therefore Vpp= 1.0v) and then you leave the default value(0xC0) on register 0x18, that set Vpp = 2.0?