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HMC980LP4 issues

Question asked by hplee on Jun 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2015 by kkaya

Hi Hittite Tech support,

Designing HMC980LP4 to drive 2 custom MMIC.

This issue encountering the momentary of 8.25V power loss.

During the power loss of 8,25V and it draws 0.015A only.

To recover this power loss, by adjusting the voltage 5.75V to 5.3V then 8.25V is recovered and draw the normal current of 0.357A.

This only happen during operation at +85degC. Or when it is OFF at +85degC

It is unable to ON again unless it is adjusted to 5.75V on the power supply.

Are S0 and S1 correctly biased? Or anything else it might have missed out?

Attached is the HMC980LP4 cct.


Please advise....




Thank you.



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