ADAU1761 Prep for Pi Day1

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So lets start at the beginning because this thread/post could get long.  I'm and EE graduate that like many other professionals my age didn't get to fully exercise this degree (I ended up going into a career heavy in IT and Software Dev).  Hence, I'm out of practice and am not familiar with the be kind :-)

Captains Log Day 1

Just ordered the adau1761.  My plan is to allow stereo analog input (like a Guitar) to the Raspberry Pi 2 (I know it's not an RTOS, but I'm not worried about that yet) using either i2c or SPI (I'm not worried about that yet either, I'll figure out which one I will use once I get past Day 1.  I understand the purpose of the Eval Board, but would like to know if there is another solution to allow me to place this chip on a bread board.  Obviously the pins are too small to just smack it on there, but there has got to be something on the interwebs to allow this.


I will continue to follow this discussion hopefully to Day 'X' complete project. 

I have 0 doubt that many of you will be interested once this progresses.I appreciate ANY information to help me prep for the project.  I'm really excited to start dabbling back into my interest.


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