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amplifier/driver for a Phase Modulator with bipolar and high voltage needs

Question asked by fabio-g on Jun 12, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2015 by krisf

Hi to all, My name is Fabio, and I work as researcher in an academic experimental research group.

I have a signal, coming from a device (Arbitrary Waveform Generator), and I need to use this signal to modulate an optical phase modulator (PM). So I need to amplify this signal, before applying it to the PM, in order to meet its voltage amplitude requirements (and fully modulate it).


The phase modulator I need to modulate the MPZ-LN-10, 10 GHz Phase Modulator  from Photline, here is its datasheet:

I think this is a phase modulator with relatively higher Vπ voltage requirements. Moreover, I need to apply both positive and negative voltages, and this makes my requirements more difficult. So I am having difficulties to find a suitable amplifier/driver.

A summary of the modulation signal I need to amplify is as follows:

• modulation signal with -1 +1 Volts amplitude,
• the shape is a train of square pulses with a repetition rate of 10 MHz, the pulses need to have a plateau lasting around 10 nano seconds (ns), and with a rise and drop time less than 5 ns.
• The pulses within the modulation (train of pulses) are sometimes positive, sometimes negative, on a random basis.
• I need to modulate the PM on the full range, so the output amplitude of the amplifier has to be from -Vπ to +Vπ (i.e. from -7 V to +7 V).

Can you help me to find a suitable RF amplifier?

Thank you!