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ADSP-SC58x/2158x RTC: Example code

Question asked by Nabeel Employee on Jun 12, 2015

Attached are the codes to configure the RTC in digital watch mode.


Two codes examples are provided. In one ARM core initializes the RTC and displays the Date and time data on  the console. In other one the SHARC is used to initialize and access the Date/Time form RTC


User can provide the current data and time through a structure and the code reads back the time in same format:


typedef struct Rtc_Time {


  char date;             /* ranges  1 to 31 */

  char mnth;           /* ranges  1-12 */

    char hour;          /* ranges 0-23 */

  char minute;        /* ranges  0-59 */

  char second;       /* ranges  0-59 */

  char day;            /* ranges  1-7 */

  short yr;             /* in format xxxx */