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Problem using UART to transmit messages to an LCD

Question asked by Tschem on Mar 28, 2011
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using the 'initUART.asm' and 'xmitmsg.asm' - files from the uart echo back - project on my adsp21369 ez-kit lite simply to put out a message to a serial lc-display.

the transmission of the welcome-message works perfectly well. but if i call the function "xmitmsg" from another point in my programm (in my case from an ISR called "talkthroughISR") i just get the "||" sign for every char! so, for example, if i want to transmit the string "test" as a welcome message, my display shows "test". if i call the same function "xmitmsg" from an ISR, the display shows "|| || || ||".

"||" seems to be the ascii-equivalent to the "0"char, so if i send a "0" as welcome-message, i get this sign too. the determination of the bufferlength seems to work, because i get one "||"-sign for every char, but the buffer seems to be initialized with zeros, and i don't know why. i went through the whole programm setting breakpoints, the the r0 register holds the right adress. here's the code:





#include <def21369.h>


.global _initUART;
.extern _xmitmsg;
.section/dm seg_dmda;
.var message_on[] = {254, 1, 'ON'};
.var welcome_message[] = {254, 1, 254, 128, 'BOOT'};    
.global welcome_message;
.global message_on;


.section/pm seg_pmco;


/* Sets the Baud rate for UART0 */
ustat1= UARTDLAB;
dm(UART0LCR) = ustat1;          //enables access to Divisor register to set baud rate for UART0


r0=0x38; dm(UART0DLL) = r0;
r0=0x4;  dm(UART0DLH) = r0;     //0x438 = 1080 for divisor value and gives a baud rate of 9600 at 331.776Mhz core clock


/* Configures the UART LCR */
ustat1 = UARTWLS8;              // word length 8
dm(UART0LCR) = ustat1;        // sets UART0 Line with one stop bit, no parity and with baud rate of 9600


ustat1 = UARTEN;
dm(UART0TXCTL) = ustat1;        // enable UART0 transmitter


r0 = welcome_message;
r1 = length(welcome_message);


call _xmitmsg;            // function to transmit welcome message, works perfectly well









#include <def21369.h>
#include "srunewlx3.h"


.section /pm seg_pmco;
.global _talkThroughISR;
.extern handle_MISCA1;
.extern _xmitmsg;
.extern welcome_message;
.extern message_on;



    if FLAG0_IN jump _on;
    if NOT FLAG0_IN jump _off;
    r0 = message_on;
    r1 = length(message_on);
    call _xmitmsg; //call from an ISR, doesn't work at all!!!





hope u can tell me, why it doesn't put out the message "ON" like defined in the initialization but "|| || || ||"

thx in advance,