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ADuCM320 ECC interrupt

Question asked by tak on Jun 11, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2015 by ABuda

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Regarding the ADuCM320, what kind of ECC interrupt will be occur by the error?

Also, what kind of error case will be estimated by the ECC interrupt?

As you can see the example case below: “ADuCM320 Hardware Reference Manual UG-498” of Page 55, but I would like to know the all case. Could anyone please describe every case?


<ADuCM320 Hardware Reference Manual, page 55>

1. Read ECC interrupt source. Error correction and checking is available on the interface between the digital and analog die. If a read error occurs (for example, an error on the ADC result), this interrupt is asserted.

2. Write ECC interrupt source. If the ECC returns an error on a value written to the LV die, this interrupt is asserted.

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