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How much is the input-cap? ADuM3210/3211

Question asked by donadona999s on Jun 11, 2015
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I want to know the input capacitance.

At the date-sheet , it says that the typ is 4pF.




But I saw the Ibis-model and also saw figure5 in the application-notes(AN-715).

C_pkg            1.00pF              0.50pF              2.00pF

C_comp           1.00pF              1.00pF              1.00pF



So, my understand is

typ = C_PKG_typ + C_COMP_typ = 2pF

min = 1.5pF

max = 3pF

And this value deviates from specifications.


Which value is correct? 4pF-typ or 2pF-typ.

I think that the value in the datesheet is a specification and the value in the IBIS is the measured value.

Maybe the deviates between datesheet and IBIS is the deviation between theoretical values and actual measurements

but I am interested why these two values become estranged.

Would you advise it which I should believe?


Best regards.