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Which board to choose, FMCOMMS4 or FMCOMMS5?

Question asked by jinojs on Jun 11, 2015
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Our requirement is to have 2 AD boards (AD9364) interfaced to FPGA (KC705) and implement our custom algorithm in the FPGA.

Both the 2 AD boards should be 1 x 1 Tx and Rx (FDD mode) at the same time. Need to receive RF data from 1 ADI, pass through FPGA and send send out through the 2nd ADI. They should be configurable to different frequencies independently and need to control gain settings separately.


We are attempting this in KC705 + 2 FMCOMMS4 boards. We could initialize 2 ADIs separately and in progress to do RF testing from 1 board to another.


But atleast before proceeding further, we would like to take your inputs whether the above board setup can be used to achieve our requirements.


Basically, is this achievable with 2 FMCOMMS4 boards or do we need to use 1 FMCOMMS5 board? Or Is there a board similar to FMCOMMS5 with 2 AD9364?

If we need to use FMCOMMS5 board, please also confirm if we can use it with KC705.

Kindly provide your inputs/ suggestion on the same at the earliest.


Thank you,