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How to use 64Bit integer variables (long long types) on sharc dsp

Question asked by DSPprogrammer on Mar 28, 2011
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As far as I figured out, blackfin and tigersharc support the long long datatype while the sharc processor does not.

Is this true?


I need a long long variable for a counter that exceeds 32 Bits on a sharc processor.

Therefore I was thinking about implementing the long long types in assembly. My intention is to define this datatype in a transparent way. That is I want to define a variable with type long long and use it as if it was a normal datatype that is supported by the compiler. The assembly code had to cope for things like overflow and sign extension.


Do you provide such assembly code or could you provide me with an example that I can use as base to implement it myself.

Maybe you could also point me to further information like engineering notes that give more information on this topic.


thank you very much