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ADV7180, can't capture

Question asked by spectrum on Jun 11, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2015 by Rob.Analog

Dear all,


i am trying to capture data from linux 3.10.17 and imx6. I can't capture, there is no BT656 data on the 16bit bus, and linux driver times out since no EOF (end-of-frame) is detected


I think there could be some hw issue in the board.


What i tested is:

analog video signal, seems good.

on capture commands (i2c) is see this signals generated:

XTAL 28652 Mhz

HS 16,129hz

VS 60,24Hz

Pixclock (LLC) 27Mhz.

HS is in synch with analog input Composite signal.


No data at all is visible on D0-D15 lines. And this match with Linux times out.

As a test, i disconnected D4 line, and seen no data at all is generated at the same.


I see possible issues on the analog input signal. In which cases the converter gives out no data ? My board has an SVideo connector, so i have to convert Composite to SVideo with a converter.


Every help is appreciated.