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When ADV3003 is connected  PC does not boot

Question asked by Mack on Jun 11, 2015
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My system is HDMI AV switch.

HDMI output form the system goes into HDMI input on a PC. HDMI input is availale because the PC has PCIe image capture card from Blackmagic design.


My AV switch system was designed with ADV3003 as shown in case 1 below.

My system and a PC are first connected each with HDMI cable before the PC is powered up. And I power up  the PC then PC fails to boot.   I did the same test with ADV3002.

My result was as follows:

* When TMDS output termination is off the PC successfully  boots. It is case 2.

* When TMDS output termination is on the PC fails to boot and stops working. It is case 3. Case 1 is the same condition as case 3. 


My question is why PC fails to boot when TMDS output termination is on. Which one of ADV3003 and PCIe graphic card is a problem?



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