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EPPI question on BF548

Question asked by MollyChen on Mar 27, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2011 by MollyChen

Hi all,

I am doing a project about image Fusion using BF548. I want to output the video with ADV7179 using GP2 TX modes with

internal frame syncs. I'm using the following configuration:

*pEPPI2_CLKDIV = 1;  //system clk = 118M, EPPI2_CLK = 29.5M;

*pEPPI2_FS1W_HBL = 176*2 - 8;
*pEPPI2_FS2W_LVB = 0X02170216;
*pEPPI2_FS1P_AVPL = 768 * 2;     
*pEPPI2_FS2P_LAVF = 0X01200120;   //288


Adv7179 works on slave mode 1, and the relative interfaces as following:

Vclock7179 < = PPI2_CLK;
Hsync7179 <= PPI2_FS1;
Vsync7179 <= PPI2_FS2;
Blank7179 <= PPI2_FS1 & PPI2_FS2;

The question is:
1. If *pEPPI2_FS1W_HBL = 176*2, then the ouput video is abnormal. The phenomenon implies some
    problems with Vsync7179.
   If *pEPPI2_FS1W_HBL = 176*2 - 8,then the oupput video is normal.
2. I've noticed that output video is just 1440 samples per line, not 1536 samples per line.
   I want to know whether GP2 Tx modes with internal frame syncs only supports 1440 samples per line
   or my code have some problems?

Any help would be appreciated!