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ADXL362 standby mode

Question asked by Terumasa on Jun 11, 2015
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Our customer will use ADXL362.


Under evaluation,  output of INT1 pin remains HIGH after soft reset is done and set register to below settings.

How can we set interrupt functoin correctively ?


Register settings remains default settings except Reg 0x2A and 0x2B.

We confirmed that customer's settings is 0x2D = 0x00.

Is the reason of this issue  that operation mode is standby mode ?


If there is any other reason, please let me know your advice.


 Reg. Name Val.

 0x20 THRESH_ACT_L 0x00

 0x21 THRESH_ACT_H 0x00

 0x22 TIME_ACT 0x00

 0x23 THRESH_INACT_L 0x00

 0x24 THRESH_INACT_H 0x00

 0x25 TIME_INACT_L 0x00

 0x26 TIME_INACT_H 0x00

 0x27 ACT_INACT_CTL 0x00

 0x28 FIFO_CONTROL 0x00

 0x29 FIFO_SAMPLES 0x80

 0x2A INTMAP1 0x01

 0x2B INTMAP2 0x01

 0x2C FILTER_CTL 0x02

 0x2D POWER_CTL 0x00