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running from flash in bypass mode, _mi_initialize error

Question asked by jeanmichel on Mar 25, 2011
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I have here a board with a BF514F with a external async flash in ASYNC0. There is no SDRAM.


I wanted to execute code directly from flash. I read the EE-239 application note.

There is no problem to program the code in flash, i did not miss the boot block at the beginning to start executing from 0x20000020 like stated in the manual.


Everything works fine except that I certainly miss something because when I start debugging the program, for the first lines of the basiccrt it works except it get lost in the _mi_initialize function, jump to a strange location which is not in the flash memory and at the end there is a core fault. I have no idea of what is happening in the _mi_initialize function since it is generated code.


Do you have any idea of what could cause the program to fail in _mi_initialize ?


Thank you very much for your help.

Jean Michel


PS : I attached the project to this post.

I have VDSP++ version 5 update 8