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File System APIs in CrossCore

Question asked by penguin007 on Jun 10, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2015 by penguin007

I've read several posts and uC/FS User Manual about file system previously. I learned that Micrium's uC/FS Add-in support file system, e.g. FAT, and RTOS is not obligatory by installing this Add-in.


My question is: is there any other Add-in or system services supported by CCES, which provide file system APIs but free, or from open-source community?


I saw one post, suggesting "Power On Self Test example for writting to / reading from SD card." I installed this Add-in and opened the file "rsi_test.c". But I think this is not at least a convenient way to implement SD card read/write application. In the following is the link to the post:

Read File from SD card for Blackfin BF609 processors