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Hardware for AD9129 DAC synchronization

Question asked by GuiX on Jun 10, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2016 by amess

I reviewed the forum and over Internet and I found some general ideas to implement the synchronization of two AD9129 DACs but I could not found any clear application note or technical paper explaining how to implement the hardware needed to use the DAC SYNC output signal. In the AD9129 data sheet it can be found that using a XOR gate a phase detector can be built. My concern with this idea is that the SYNC signal is around 700 MHz at 1.8 V (DAC clock at 2.8 GHz), furthermore the SYNC signal misalignment will cause pulses at the XOR gate in the range of few ns, so I can not imaging what XOR gate can follow.

I suspect I missing something, could any one give some hint with this issue or any other way to use the sync signals?


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