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ADSP21371 + ISSI 42S32800 SDRAM not working

Question asked by rk1980 on Mar 25, 2011
Latest reply on May 18, 2011 by DeepV



I'm currently trying to get the ADSP21371 working with a 42S32800 SDRAM chip, but I don't have success yet. The board is our own design and it wa previously stuffed with the Micron MT48LC4M32 (same SDRAM like on the EZ-KIT). With the Micron SDRAM everything works fine.

For the MT48LC4M32 I used the following code for initialisation:



It is take from Analog's talkthrough-exanple and does work.

Now I want to have more RAM. Therefore, I replaced the MT48LC4M32 by 42S32800 because they have the same pin layout and it looks like that they're fully compatible regarding timing.

What I understand from the datasheet is that the 42S32800 has a wider Bank Column Address Width of 9 bits while the MT48LC4M32 has only 8 bits.

Therefore, I changed the 2nd line to:


But the doesn't work. What I'm I doing wrong? Any ideas?




P.S. When I don't change SDCAW8 to SDCAW9 (still driving the SDRAM with 8 bits) I do get data from the SDRAM but they're disturbed.