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reading wrong application ID- ADV212

Question asked by mardikiran on Mar 25, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2012 by zzzljb

Hi All,


I am facing some problems initialising ADV212, i have a customised board with NIOS II processor.

let me explain the steps i have performed to initialise adv212 which may give you some idea regarding my problem.


1. converted the encode_2_13_0.sea file to hexadecimal file

2. used the converted hexadecimal file to load the firmware to ADV212.

3. I can see the EIRQFLG[10] getting set after firmware is loaded.



i am not able to get the application ID (0xff82) for encode configuration instead i am getting as 40f.


please help me where i am going wrong, and also let me know in case if you need any more details.