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Midnight Mode Algorithm?

Question asked by mdot on Mar 24, 2011
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Hey Guys,


First post so go a little easy on the noob...


I have been exploring SigmaStudio v3.3 for a couple of days. I have gotten to the point of wanting to start to put together a "hello world" design using the ADAU1701. So I look through the help file and come across the "Midnight Mode" algorithm that the help file says should reside in the "ADI Algorithms" in the toolbox. The thing is, it's not there.


I initially thought that maybe I had not imported the library that contains the algorithm. So I open the add-ins browser, selected all of the DLL files in the install directory and clicked open. After the pop-ups about some not being add-ins and others already having been imported, I wen back to check for the algorithm. Still not there.


Am I doing somthing wrong? Is there some add-in that was not included in the most recent release of the software? Is this algorithm not available for the 1701?


Help me out.




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