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Strange effect on ADuC834

Question asked by Steinfurth on Mar 23, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2014 by MMA

Hi to all,


my name is Peter and my location is Germany. I hope, you can understand my English. Google-translator helps me


We have a little problem with one (or more) ADuC834.


First I have attached a photo of our actually used processors. Can someone confirm, that this is a genuine AD-processors (no ripoff)?



Second we had a strange effect on serial communication. The circuit-board with 834 is powered by battery.


After a long time of operation (> 7 days) the 834 changes the format of seriell transmission.


The upper nibble of each sent character was damaged. The lower nibble was okay.


In the upper nibble the highest bit was always '1' and the bits 6,5 and 4 are shifted.


Example: 'e' -> 0110 0101 (should send) -> 1011 0101 (is sent)


Removing battery and waiting 15 minutes solves the problem!? That means, a restart of firmware and all is okay!


The device with the ADuC834 is built since 2004. Over 100 devices were delivered.


This is the first time of this effect?


Kind Regards