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Hey Austin

Question asked by jdr on Mar 22, 2011
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Hey Austin


I have been enjoying your app note on Achieving Phase Coherence using the ADF4350 PLL.....nicely wtitten.....THANKS.


My question is simply:  Could you please point me to the links that are on the first page of the APP note.  The word "here" is underlined and in blue but is not an active link and especially the first one related to more detail on implementing an Integer-N phase coherence would be great  to review.


I guess one more technical question is do you have a feel for the relative phase wander of two parallel PLL outputs that are phase syncronized using the technique that you describe.  And what might the phase wander be over temp.


And one more question for grins is:  Do you have any idea of the g-sens of the internal VCO in the ADF4350.  I would think that it would be rather good-----perhaps the external inductor and capacitor to set the freq may be the most sensitive??



John Richardson

Wenzel Associates