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Need ADF7023 Evaluation board Information

Question asked by Abi on Mar 23, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2011 by SteveH

Hello! This is Abi, I am a student and I am working on the project of Wireless Communication, and I am using EVAL-ADF7XXX_MB3Z.

Actually i didn´t have any proper datasheet for it, because I am really new to this device. Can you please send me a datasheet for it or tell me where to find it?

After studying the datasheets I have , I can see that it can be operated in two modes:  PACKET mode or SPORT mode.



The pins DT, DR and CLK are the input, output and clock pin respectively.

I am applying a square wave from function generator as input to DT pin, and trying to receive it on DR pin. I am trying to observe it in the oscilloscope with default settings of software (as stated on the available pdf of ftp server from analog devices) but changing the mode to SPORT mode (instead of packet mode), but I am not getting any outputs. I have also tried changing the settings of "test modes/debug"(see following image) in the software.





I have also tried changing the different settings in the Software but I am not receiving anything at all.

I dont know what is wrong. Could you please guide me to know how I can do this??

Please notice that I am able to do the PER test and it is going fine.

I have already followed the steps in the given below link.


About the PACKET MODE:


What if I want to use the packet mode? which pin should I use to send the data?

I did not find any information in the datasheet about that....

Waiting for your early response

Thank you very much