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Question asked by Mindy on Jun 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2015 by dlath

I have the ADE7763 which I am trying to prototype for a new product we are developing but I am having problems communicating over SPI with it.


The command I am currently interested in is the IRMS value or the RMS current value. I’m sending 00010110, and then reading for 24 bits, however the ADE7763 isn’t replying at all.


When I send the STATUS command (00001011) and read for 16 bits I get a reply, and I also get a reply when I send the VRMS command (00010111) and read for 24 bits.


The STATUS and VRMS replies don’t mean anything to me, as I’m not using interrupts, and haven’t added my voltage measurement circuitry yet.


If you have any wisdom about how to get this working, what I am doing wrong or any pointers I would really appreciate it.