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ADV7511 Flash configuration

Question asked by Lolo on Jun 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2015 by mattp

Hi all,


I have two questions regarding the use of an ADV7511 in a custom application:

The ADV7511 is being used while it is installed in its 7612-7511 evaluation board, the ADV7612 is not used.


Question 1:

As a video input I'm using RGB (666) data with 720x480@60Hz (embedded sync signals) resolution that has to pass trough the ADV7511 to a video processing board that does not allows me to directly use the ADV7511's output from the video source as it is.


On the other hand, the video processing board, works okay with a 720x480@60Hz resolution from a laboratory video generator.


I'd like to get a confirmation that if I make the signals from the ADV7511 to match the characteristics (by mean of DE generator or Sync adjustments features, as embedded sync decoder did not work) of those from the video generator, the video processing board should be able to display image from my video source. Am I right?


Question 2:

Assuming that I have a configuration script for the ADV7511 that I have confirmed to work correctly. How could I make that when the board powers up, it loads a configuration defined by me?


I have been playing around a little with the RS-232 serial interface for the Blackfin onboard CPU, but I'm not able to do what I want and I cannot find any information source able to help me. I need to be able to store a configuration script on the board (probably in the SPI flash) and configure the Blackfin processor so it can load the previously downloaded script as the default configuration when the board starts.How can I do this? Is there any support documentation on how to do it?


Thanks in advance