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Interaction of IOEThread Semaphores w Client Threads

Question asked by Tim on Mar 22, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2011 by CraigG

I have a VDK Lwip application tha appears to have a race condition in posting a IOE semaphore and a thread status change.


In my code I have a ADC thread to collect data and post an event to a process data thread that pends on that event  to send data out across the ethernet.  I previously used a semaphore to control sychronization but switched to an event to differentiate for debug.  I have attached history files for two cases.  In the first the processdata_thread history shows a semaphore pended (by the IoeThread ???), an event pended (by the ADC thread) and then a thread status change.  In the second case (blocked) the processdata_thread history shows a status change and then a semaphore pend.  I have no pend on semaphores in my code in that thread.  Is the pend within the send() function call to output over ethernet. or is the a scheduler pend?  How can I tell where the program is stopped and what is causing this to happen?


I am not sure of where to look resolve the problem, optimize the lwip setup, add additional code, ???.


I am developing on a BF537 (KAZTEK module) with visualDSP 5.0 version 8.