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Transmission of additional byte in TWI master receive mode

Question asked by dare on Mar 22, 2011
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I'm working on the adsp-21369 ez-kit lite and try to connect a 4-channel A/D-converter (PCF8591, see data sheet attached) via TWI/I2C. To receive data from this device, I need to send a second byte (the so called control byte) to it, after having sent the address byte.


Currently I'm using a code example that was provided in the engineer zone previously (see attached file). For the beginning it works fine, the A/D-converter responds with an ACK-bit after being addressed. But in this code, the direction of the transfer is determined by the TWIMDIR bit in the TWIMCTL register, which is set to 1 because of master receive mode. The address byte at the beginning of a transfer is generated by the TWI controller.


How can I manually send a second (or even third) byte after the address byte?


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