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ADE7953 calibration & read value step by step

Question asked by Lyncheese on Jun 8, 2015
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Currently, I'm developing a power monitoring application using the ADE7953 chip.

I read the datasheet and also the application note (AN-1118 and AN-639).

Honestly, I haven't read all and every words, I just read the part which I think I need to know.

With that documents and some clues I got from this forum, now I able to make my own board with chip ADE7953

and also make the external circuit for sensing.

My circuit is similar with Page 16 from the datasheet with addition of circuit from Page 6 Figure 5 and 6 from AN-1118.

Now, I also able to read the register.

The register I read are :

0x212 AWATT

0x21A IRMS

0x21C VRMS

Here are my problems I have encountered (not yet connected to any voltage/current source) :

1. The register 0x212 give me back value with 00 00 00 (default value), but sometimes also give me a value of ff ff ff.

    What might cause this ?

2. The VRMS register value didn't give me back 00 00 00 (which is it's default value), instead I got 63 04 00,

     although the device is not connected yet to any source voltage/current.

     Do I miss something ? For example like pre-calibration ? Because I haven't done any calibration.

     By the way, I'm using Shunt resistor on Phase....

     If I need to do some calibration first, which steps from which document I have to watch for ?

3. Let's say I got value back from AWATT/IRMS/VRMS registers with value of 12 34 56...

     How to convert it to a readable/real value, like 1000W/10A/220V ?

     Do I just need simply to convert the 24 bit to decimal format ?

Thank you for reading.

I'll appreciated any suggestion or advices.