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Reg using  5b37-k-02 signal conditioning module

Question asked by falcon98 on Jun 8, 2015
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I recently came across this ADI module for interfacing K type thermocouples. As per the data sheet I have connected the module. Currently I have tested it with a mV voltage source and as per user manual, i have connected a 500mv signal to the CJC terminals. Still I am unable to get proper output (the output fluctuates around 100mV only whatever the input is). I have also kept the read enable signal at +5 V.

Please guide me so that I can use this module correctly. We have an experimental system which has high RF/EMI radiations, so TC measurements are affected , so we wanted to explore 5B37 series to solve our issues. Please note that we are using the module independently of other backplane items (like AC 1360 etc).


Please let me know if other info is needed.