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Use AD835 for analog multiplier

Question asked by Yung-Cheng on Jun 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2015 by Yung-Cheng

Dear all


I'm a graduate student from Taiwan.


I want do a circuit that function is do the analog signal multiply transform and response time below 10 ns.


And I fond a IC AD835 says it have 250 MHz bandwidth.


I just want do the basic operation that output w=inputsignal1(t)*inputsignal2(t)


I grounded pin 2,4,7 and input a signal to both pin1&8 by a function generator.


And use a oscilloscope to see the output w.


The attachment is the result.(the input is 10MHz sine wave  and 100kHz square wave)


I wanna ask how can I solve the following question.


1.SNR is too small.

2.There seems have a phase shift between input and output.

3.When input is Square function and output has a oscillation.

4.Output signal dose not stable.

5.Best have a flatness gain to 80MHz


Does any have any suggest module circuit?