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Questions of ADXL362 specification.

Question asked by sin on Jun 5, 2015
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I have some questions about ADXL362 from my customer.
Please let me know the followings, if possible.


1. The definition of ODR (Output Data Rate).  Is this the sampling rate of internal ADC ?
2. The definition of Nonlinearity [%].
3. THe definition of Sensitivity Calibration Error[%].
4. The effect to the accuracy for an aging.
5. The effect to the accuracy when ADXL362 is vibrated continuously.
    I expect that ADXL362 is equipped in the train, on the bridge and so on.
6. The effect to the accuracy in the case of power on/off repetition.
    I understand it to be in the specification. Is my understanding correct ?


I want you to share the answers if you have some data about these.
Sorry for many questions.


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