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Question asked by J_Rucker_00 on Jun 5, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2015 by jon71

Hi everyone,


I am currently using the EVAL-ADAU144xEBZ Evaluation board with Sigma Studio version 3.12.  My main goal is to have two independent reverb channels with independent reverb time controls (external like a potentiometer or an encoder).


The only reverb module available in the toolbox is ADI Algorithms >Effects>Reverb.  It has a total of three controls: "Reverb Time", "HF Damping", and "Bass Reverb Gain".  I would like to leave the hf damping and the bass reverb gain fixed fixed in the software, while allowing the user to adjust the reverb time using an external control (potentiometer or encoder). 


1) I am only able to use one of these modules in my schematic. If I add any more than one, I get the error message: "RAM Address exceeds: 8192". It seems there is not enough RAM to run two of these reverb modules.  Am I correct?  Is there a way around this?


2) Is there a way I to know exactly how much memory an individual module requires? For example, how much of the available memory does one reverb module take?  I am having difficulty taking memory into consideration for this design when I don't know how much memory each module costs.


3) I am looking to control the reverb time with an external controller.  At first glance, it does not seem like that is a parameter you can adjust outside of software. Is there a way to make this parameter controllable externally (pot or encoder)? I have the Sigma Studio GPIO control board to experiment with.


Thanks for all of your help.