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Closed Captions and AD9388A

Question asked by Shuggy on Jun 5, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2015 by PaulS



I am reading closed caption byte pairs off the ADV9388 I2C. The problem is after doing a read (VDP_CCAP_DATA_1 and _2 User map 3, 0x41 and 0x42), I do a clear to refresh the registers (VDP_CC_CLEAR, User Map 3, 0x78, bit 0) and then poll for CC availability (VDP_CC_AVL, User Map 3, 0x40, bit 0).


On VDP_CC_AVL going high, I read the bytes but sometimes they are the same as the previous pair. So I am polling for these byte pairs but more often than not I get repetition. It's as if the CLEAR or AVL are not working.


Any ideas?