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It is a question on ADAU1361.

Question asked by MAPS346 on Jun 5, 2015
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①LINP/LINN and the terminal RINP/RINN are used by a pseudo-differential input to use the ALC function.

 The signal is input to LINP and RINP, and the signal is not connected with LINN and the terminal RINN.

 What processing is necessary for LINN and the terminal RINN?

 ・Is it good in the GND connection?

 ・Is it GND through the capacitor?

 ・Is it a connection of CM?

 ・Is it good as open?

②May I open LINP/LINN, RINP/RINN, and the terminal LAUX/RAUX when unused?


③When the input is used by a pseudo-differential motion, does the output terminal become a differential motion?


④As for the terminal of LINP/LINN, RINP/RINN, LAUX/RAUX, LOUTP/LOUTN, and ROUTP/ROUTN, is the bias voltage of AVDD/2 output?


⑤Can ADAU1361 be reset from software besides power-on reset?


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