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ADV7180:How to switch CVBS input

Question asked by H.Mura on Jun 5, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2015 by H.Mura

Hello all,


We use the ADV7180 to decode three camera(NTSC or PAL) input switched by INSEL.
For checking switch completion, we use INST_HLOCK,  but occasionally it's not locked after input switching.


1) We do Fast-Switch script at initialize time, and switching is only done only by writing INSEL.
   Do we need another procedure than only writing INSEL?


2) Our program is base on ADV7180 Rev.G spec. sheet, so check the atest documemts, I found the following line in fast-switch script as the difference.
     -"42 14 30 ; Reset Clamping Circuitry" is
     -42 52 0D ; ADI Required Writes [ADV7180 writes finished]
   Do they any affect input lock prodecure?
3) If autodetect was enabled on Fast-Switching mode, is it possibility to cause not to lock INST_HLOCK?