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HMC833 configuration registers

Question asked by johnpritchard on Jun 4, 2015
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The datasheet for the HMC833 has numerous instances where the default values for particular bits of some registers are different from what the datasheet seems to imply is required. For example the default values for bits [17:16] of register 06h is zero, while in the description of those register bits, it seems the user is required to program those bits to 3d. Is this correct?


Similarly, bits [14:12] of register 0Bh, should these be programmed to 100b for correct operation?


Similarly, bits [4:3] of VCO register 04h, should these be programmed to 0 for correct operation? In other words do we have to program this register?

Similarly, do we have to program the VCO CF_Cal register 05h register differently to the default values?

Thanks in expectation