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cm403F EZ-Kit 1.0 SPI-Slave Boot Mode

Question asked by vally on Jun 4, 2015
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i'm having trouble booting the evaluation kit over spi as slave, currently im using a raspberry pi as spi-master. I have some problems eg. questions ( an yes i have set the boot-mode correctly ):


  1. What format needs the firmware to have to start it over spi? do i need to reformat the binary?
  2. what commands need to be send if i use single-bit mode? only the 0x03 as stated in the hrm? this does not seem to work.
  3. it seems that the spi_rdy only goes "asserted" when i send some byte's  while it it's not  ready. if i don't send anything it never "asserts", which results in never transferring the firmware.


Does somebody have experiences with this? Any help is very appreciated.


Can somebody provicde information about the boot kernel of the evaluation kit?


kind regards Markus Valentin