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ADE7816 Vrms Reading

Question asked by ajit5wadekar on Jun 4, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2015 by dlath

Hello Everyone,


I am new to Energy Measurement and I am using ADE7816 for my application. Here I am trying to measure Vrms reading, I have initialized ADE chip as per datasheet and have also cross checked if the values are initialized.

Now when I try to measure Vrms Reading I get unstable and random values even if Input AC Voltage is not connected and after I connect AC Voltage I get value greater 4191910 which is wrong according to datasheet.

How do I stabilize the voltage and also how the calculation for error and actual voltage is to be done. I tried reading datasheet and AN-1152 Application Note but I am not able to understand much,can anyone provide me with any more detailed documentation.


Also how to sync ZX for better measurement of Vrms?



Ajit Wadekar