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looking for help in choosing an encoder chip

Question asked by bbarnett on Jun 3, 2015
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I want to be able to take SVGA and DVI/HDMI input, and have the resulting output an encoded video stream.  MPEG2 is fine, H.264 preferable.


I've looked at a few chip's datasets, and I see chips such as the ADV7604 which may provide the pre-encoding part of the equation.


I'm mostly on the software side of the stack, as in, writing kernel drivers, and higher level software.  Such as the software that my product will use.  I have worked on the hardware side, but am not entirely sure of which chips to work with as a starter.


In terms of capability, I'd like to be able to take in SVGA up to at least 1600x1200, and up to 1920x1080p DVI resolutions.


Can anyone suggest whether there is a single package product available, or whether I'd need two separate (or three?) chips, and if so -- what I might use?