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CCES Loader Utility

Question asked by tamirci on Jun 3, 2015
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I m trying to create a boot loader file with CCES for BF609. When i try to do it loader gives ld0260 which complains about boot code. When i check CCES 1.1 loader and utilities manual Rev 1.3 it indicates there is a boot code option under Settings->CrosscoreBlakcifn Loader->General. However; i can not see this option under it. is it for having older version of CCES tool as 1.0.3?


How can i update the tool a part from reinstall to  1.2.0 which i current version and i m currently downloading? I m afraid of having some licensing issues if i re-install the tool completely.


Second; I have PC28F Flash memory (32MB) like EZ-KIT has. It has 16-bit data width in addition to having 23-bit wide address. I think to use bcode 7 as 16-bit flash on 32 bit SMC/EBIU. is this correct?