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ADXL345 freefall interrupt not working

Question asked by Awrak on Jun 3, 2015
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I'm trying to implement freefall using ADXL345 in one of my project but I haven't been successful yet. I do not have any problems with Activity, Inactivity, Single tap interrupts, they are all working fine. I have tried all the values for THRESH_FF and TIME_FF as per the data sheet (THRESH_FF: 300 mg to 600 mg & TIME_FF: 100 ms to 350 ms). I read a paper called "Detecting Human Falls with a 3Axis Digital Accelerometer" by one of the field application engineers from Analog Devices and tried implementing it with the same values but freefall is still not working.

So, is there anything important that I'm missing? Any help would be really appreciated.


Rakesh Awanti