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about AC and DC measurements with ADuCM350

Question asked by gugi on Jun 3, 2015
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I am a little bit confused about terminology used in ADUCM350 documentation.

1. What is the difference in AC and DC measurements. For me from perspective of ADUCM350 all generated signals are with DC levels?

2. What are the limits of DC and AC measurements of ADUCM350:

  • Frequency
  • Amplitude
  • Any others

3. Can I use ADUCM to generate 600mVp-p sinusoidal signal and to measure impedance of test sample ?

4. Why are these limitations in amplitude when do "AC" measurement and why attenuation is exactly 1 and 40 - it is very big difference ?

5. Why there is problem to use for example 5 Ohm in TIA feedback and in this case I shall measure low impedance values?

6.. My problem is that I need to measure impedance with higher amplitude signal- Voltage and Current  (>500mVp-p,  >10mA)  and I do not understand why there are limitations in so wide boundaries.


Thank you