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How to input different sample rate audio I2S in the ADAU1452 without MCU?

Question asked by on Jun 3, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2015 by DaveThib

I want use the ADAU1452 for the the audio system, but in my system, I have no MCU in it, can I use Sigma Studio to realize following function?


1.input different audio format:

44.1K 88.2K and 176.4K I2S

48K 96K and 192K,

16bit and 24bit.


2.I need very low jitter clock,Can i use the clock as the block?

can  the output IIS data sync together with the application?


3.can i design a sample rate detect and  switch the clock to 22.5792Mhz and 24.576Mhz for different rate?

of course, the dsp must work correct with different clock.


4. all the operation is work in free run, the system has no MCU.