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The way of drive load motor by AD-DYNO1-EBZ

Question asked by Kaos on Jun 2, 2015
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Dear Sir/Madam,



I have a question.




Please let me know how can I control the positive load(motor).


AD-DYNO1-EBZ can control from external ZYNC for the positive motor, I heard.


Dynamometer is builted the motor that is controled by ZYNC and that paired-motor for load.

I need the way how should we control for thsi motor for load.


The motor for load seems be controled by Simulink.

But the link URL of Simulink only show the way of getting data as follows.


Dynamometer Drive System


Getting Started Acquiring Data with Digilent Analog Discovery


In addition,

your "" show to explain the setting of Ramp and Duty.

Can these setting control for load motor?




Can your AD-DYNO1-EBZ measure the torque characteristics?

If YES, please let me know the way of measurement.


(If I post this to the wrong zone, so pls move this to correct zone thanks. Maybe it is FPGA Reference design zone....)


Thanks Kaos