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ADP5063 and battery charge level

Question asked by RobM on Jun 1, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2015 by Leo_Liu

The ADP5063 "hides" the battery voltage (VBAT_SNS) from the system when charging is happening, presenting a constant 3.4 V to the system.  In our application, we would like to display a rough indication of charge progress to the user, and we thought we would do that by looking at the battery voltage.  While we could connect the battery to our own ADC, we're wondering if there is a way to read the battery voltage via the I2C interface.


If the battery voltage is not available via the I2C interface, would it be an acceptable practice, provided that VBAT_SNS > VWEAK, to disable both charging and LDO mode momentarily, to get the system voltage to reflect VBAT, then re-enable charging?